Caribbean Explorer September 1993


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Well I had free air travel for two to the Caribbean on American Airlines (not frequent flier miles but some other airline promotion) and I had to use it by 15 September, so I looked around to see where American flew and where I might want to go.  The Caribbean Explorer was offering a late summer promotion and my good friend Denny spoke highly of the boat and the diving, so I asked around to find out who else want to come with me for a bargain basement price.  Marla Tonseth, One of the instructors I frequently worked with, grabbed the opportunity and we were off for a week of diving and relaxation.


The Caribbean Explorer starts and ends each trip in St. Martin from which there is frequent airline service to Miami and other big cities.  The boat departs immediately to Saba and St. Kitts who are only serviced by smaller aircraft less frequently.  Our trip across on arrival was very rough and several of us made oral offerings to the sea.  There was a tropical storm that passed to the south that night.


During the rest of the trip the captain successfully kept land between the boat and the wind and kept all the passengers comfortable.  Diving was good and I had one very good night dive (unfortunately I did not bring my video camera on that dive).


The video shows very healthy sponges, hard corals, and dense fish life. 



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