Okeanos Aggressor

Cocos Island

March 1994




There are two Cocos Islands.  This one is part of Costa Rica off the pacific coast near Panama.  This was my first 10 day live aboard, but part of the trip is a 36 hour crossing from the mainland to the island and 36 hour return trip – so there was only 7 days of diving.  I was lucky both the trip over and back were on absolutely flat seas.  We had many dolphin encounters on the trip out and Back.  We also passed a pod of pilot whales on the return trip.  I have some stills of the transits and some day I will scan them in and post them here.


The currents were strong and unpredictable.  Several experienced divers had very wild rides.  All the diving was done from dingys and the dingy drivers did there best to coral the bubbles, but after picking up several divers to return to the mother ship, some divers were carried outside the parameter of safety. By today’s standards safety on this trip was poor.  Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.  Hopefully the safety equipment has been upgraded.  The condition of the boat was also marginal and the physical features of the boat were also less than one would expect from an Aggressor boat.  I had another friend who took this boat a couple of years later and it was much worse.  The boat has been overhauled twice since then.  If you want a private bath or other amenities, check with the aggressor folks before booking this boat.  It is still an older boat built in 1972.


Diving at Cocos is supposed to be spectacular.  It was very good the week I was there but not great.  The hammerheads were shy and stayed deeper than I preferred to venture.  Many other folks I know had better weeks.


In the video you will see some tropical fishes, lots of Jacks, Mackerel, and Tuna.  Of course there were Sharks, both white-tip and hammerheads.  I also got shots of a manta Ray and a sword fish.  The quality of the video is relatively poor for several of reasons:

          Visibility was poor on many days.

          We did not have good sun-light on most days

          The critters were too far way for the video lights to help

          My old Sony V-9 8mm video camera was having problems (Sony could not fix it and so I upgraded to HI-8 when I returned).  It was the best available when I bought it but it technology has improved.

          The process of converting the old Analog videos to digital loses resolution



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