Sunset Waters Resort, Curacao NA March 2003


Click Here for a map of Curacao


This trip will always be one I remember well because it was the last trip I did with my close friend Denny Mc Laughlin.  Denny Died in January 2005.  I miss him.


Like the other trip I did to Curacao, this trip was organized by Joe Rozak and Denny primarily as a nice warm water destination for a group of students from Germantown Academy to spend their spring Break.  Denny would provide the open water training (“Check out dives”) to the student who completed the pool work with him in the GA class held immediately before the trip.  In addition to the new divers there were some previously certified GA students and several adults who enjoyed trips with Denny.  I went to help Denny (I was a long term AI for Denny) with the less experienced divers and needed a spring trip to fill my dive fix and hold me over until the local summer dive season started.  The trip was loaded with some of my long term diving friends including Rosanne, Denny’s Wife, Joe Rozak, and Arnold Ashcraft.


We had a great time and really enjoyed the Sunset Waters Resort (now defunct).  Our package included all we could eat and drink and we tried hard to “get our money’s worth” at the bar.  Our package also included two boat dives a day and unlimited beach diving.  I did not like the beach diving as much as at Captain Don’s but it was not bad.


The video shows morays, lobster, coral shrimp, peacock flounder, puffer fish and a large anemone shrimp, in addition to the usual corals and tropical fish.  About 3.5 minutes in, there is a good shot of Denny diving in his multi-colored hood.