Fiji November 1994


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I have spent many a Friday evening with George and Rose Schuele but had never taken one of the group scuba trips they had organized, so when I saw the price they negotiated for this trip, I could not pass it up.  The trip was a week in Taveuni and four of us added another 3 days in Bega Lagoon.  The whole group stayed at the Garden Isle Resort in Taveuni to dive Rainbow reef.  Unfortunately the current was running in the wrong direction so the reef was not in full bloom, but the diving was still good and company was exceptional.  The accommodations were excellent and the food was tasty and plentiful.  I do not remember where we stayed at Bega lagoon, but it was more upscale than most places I have stayed and we had some good dives there too.  Highlights included blue ribbon eels, fire gobis, a leaf fish, napoleon Wrasse, clown fish (Nemo), and many other unusual tropical fish.  The only downside is that like many land-based dive operations, you are limited to 2 or 3 dives a day.



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