Grand Cayman March 2005


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My son, Doug, and I went to Grand Cayman in March 2005 during his spring break.  The island was still recovering from the Hurricane that devastated the island the previous year.  Many of the hotels were closed and we ended up rebooking twice because hotels were not getting fixed and quickly as they had hoped.  We ended staying at the courtyard on the northern end of seven mile beach and diving with red sail sports.


The wind was strong all week and we were not able to dive the northern shore at all.  Most of the diving was on seven mile beach except for one day when we dove the south Sound.  In the video you will see Many tropical fishes, lobsters, turtles, conch, hermit crabs, Jacks, barracuda and (my favorite) tarpon.  One of the sites was the remains of the wreck of the Oreo verde.  The diver in the video is my son.


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