Little Cayman Diver

November 1989


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This was my first trip on a live aboard dive boat.  My friend, George Schule, had recommended the trip and many folks had raved about the diving at Little Cayman.


This particular boat was very small, only 65 feet long (Both this boat and its successors no longer operate), fortunately I had a cabin to myself.  The boat Captain was Gary Bain.  He and his girlfriend Barbara were the dive masters.   Gary is in one Scene near the end petting a moray eel.  He taught me some very important video basics.  This was only my second trip shooting video and I was chasing the fish to try to get snapshots.  He helped me to anticipate where the fish would be and swim ahead so I was not always getting fish tails.


The wind was strong and from the north the first few days and made it too rough to dive the north wall (Blood bay).  We made the crossing from Cayman Brac without incident, but the aggressor never made it to Little Cayman that week.  When the wind died down, we spend the last few days diving on the north wall and even turned down an invitation to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Southern Cross Club because we did not want to miss any more dives on the north side.  This video includes a nice eagle ray shot, a couple of good turtle scenes, shots of Sting rays, grouper and barracuda, in additional to the usual coral, sponges, and reef fish life.




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