Sky Dancer July 2004


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I had been to Galapagos only 6 months before this trip you might wonder why I was going back so soon. Well there were very good reasons: 1: December was the wrong time of the year to see whale sharks. 2: Continental failed to transport my dive gear during the December trip and I had to rent gear and I wanted to do it right. 3: Galapagos is truly one of the best dive destinations in the world.


The Trip was great, the whale sharks were plentiful but a bit shy, and the hammerhead sharks were less shy than in December. In general the density and diversity of big critters was spectacular. Sea Lions were fun and a school of eagle rays were almost forgotten due to the hundreds of shark encounters.


Warning the water is cold and the currents are strong all Year round. This is not a location for those not comfortable in those conditions.



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