U 1105

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This video shows the air search periscope of the former German U-boat 1105.  This submarine surrendered to the Allied Naval Forces at the end of World War II.  This wreck is Navy property and is maintained by the Maryland Historical Trust as the State’s first Submerged Historic Shipwreck Preserve.   Information about this U-boat can be found at http://www.uboat.net/boats/u1105.html www.marylandhistoricaltrust.net/u1105.html and at www.history.navy.mil/branches/org12-5.htm.  The Institute of Maritime History currently maintains this dive site.


The video shows the top section (about 2 feet long) of the air search periscope is broken off but still attached to the vessel by stainless steel cables.  As directed by Dr. Susan Langley, the Maryland State Archaeologist, volunteers removed the broken section and delivered it to the Maryland Archeological Conservation Laboratory in Calvert County for conservation and analysis in August 2002.


The video shows the usual water turbidity and current on this site, making this an advanced dive.  The heavy line tied around the base of the periscope leads to a concrete “clump” which serves as the anchor for the buoy that marks the site and provides a safe anchorage to moor visiting dive boats.  The light line in the video goes to a smaller marker buoy that directs the divers directly to the conning tower of the wreck. 


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