Casa Carolina Xcalak Mexico November 2000 & December 2008


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I had heard Bob and Caroline talk for months as they prepared to open their “dive resort in paradise”.  I knew that I just had to go.  As it turned out I was their very first guest.  There are 4 rooms (only one finished) when I arrived, but another was complete and more guests arrived while I was there.   Each room is on the beach only a few steps from the gulf.  Located in a little fishing village on the Caribbean, as far south as you can go just above the border to Belize, Casa Carolina was Bob and Caroline’s plan to escape the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia.  I am glad I was part.  I was there before they built their own dock and started their own dive operation, but I used those facilities at a neighboring “Resort”.   My video captures the lush tropical undersea life.  It is one place I plan to return.


Well it had been eight years and I needed a vacation to relieve the stress in my life.  I saw a great air fare to Cancun and knew immediately that it was time to return.  Xcalak has grown; now the downtown area has electricity.  Several new vacation homes have been built on the beach road up to Casa Carolina and there are more and better restaurants.  Casa Carolina now has their own pier and all the diving and fishing activities are just a short walk down the pier.  Casa Carolina has added a palapa where breakfast is served and where evening socializing adds to the enjoyable atmoshere.