Buzz’s comments on his Western European vacation Summer 1971


After my junior year in college, I spent 6 weeks touring Western Europe.  Part 1 was with two friends and a Renault 4 rental car.  That year there were many inexpensive charter flights.  We arrived in London and immediately took a train and ferry to Paris.  We explored Paris then picked up the rental car and traveled south through Chartres and Versailles. After a quick pass through the Alps, we traveled down to Rome.  After Rome, we spent time in Florence then through the Alps via Switzerland and onward to Munich. We then traveled up the Rhine to Amsterdam and returned to Paris to return the rental car.  My two friends returned home.

Enjoy the part 1 pictures.


Part 2 was a solo hitchhiking adventure, travel south to Spain to go to the running of the bulls in Pamplona (San Fermín Festival).  I arrived in Pamplona, a few days before the festival and was able to rent a room just outside the middle of town.  I made friends and eat many of my meals at the bar/restaurant across the street.  After several days in northern Spain, I traveled up to the channel and caught a ferry to Brighton Beach England.  After a couple of days there, I caught a ride north to wherever the ride took me.  My destination turned out to be Bolton were I meet several others my age who introduced me to spelunking in the Yorkshire Dales, Northern English bitter and Newcastle Brown Ale.  I then returned to London and found out the my charter flight was rescheduled leaving in two days, so my time in London was truncated, but since I was running out of money that was okay.

Enjoy the part 2 pictures.