Buzzís comments on his cruise from Miami to Athens on the Crystal Symphony April 2016


I needed to decide if I was ready for retirement and I found a great deal on a back-to-back to back itinerary starting from Miami finishing in Athens lasting 30 days.I figured that at the end of the trip I would decide that I could not either stand being away from work that long or that I was ready to retire.I decided the later was correct but I was convinced to cut back work to halftime so long as it could allow me frequent time off for cruises.I loved the cruise and booked another while onboard.What I liked most was the quality of the other passengers - in general very interesting and pleasant people.I also really liked the lecturers including a Nobel laureate, a former US ambassador, a retired UK Brigadier General and others that were even better.The staff was excellent and got to know my name and my preferences very quickly.I also loved the itinerary because it included some items that were on my bucket list including Pompeii, Venice, Greece.Barcelona should have been on the list too; Gaudiís work was spectacular.I enjoyed at the ports.


Food onboard was very good; better than other less expensive cruises that I had sailed on before.I especially like the specialty restaurants: sushi at Silk Road (name of the restaurant has been changed to Umi Uma) and Oso Buco at Prego


Enjoy the pictures.


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