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Stills from Ocean Rover in Sulawesi, Indonesia July - August 2006

Stills from Star Dancer in Kimbe Bay PNG September-October 2007

Stills From Bilikiki in Solomon Islands June-July 2009

Stills from Turks and Caicos Aggressor II November 2011

Stills from Turks and Caicos Aggressor II November 2012



Video from Kona Aggressor II August 2005

Video from Grand Cayman March 2005

Video from Galapagos Sky Dancer July 2004

Video from Galapagos Sky Dancer December 2003

Video from Curacao March 2003

U1105 Potomac River Piney Point MD August 2002

Video from Oahu Hawaii August 2002

Video from Thailand & Burma - Andaman Sea February 2002

Video from Xcalak Mexico November 2000 & December 2008

Video from Curacao March 2000

Video from Turks and Caicos April 1999

Video from Pindito Indonesia August 1997

 Video from Fiji November 1994

Cocos Island, Costa Rica March 1994

Video from St. Martin/St. Kitts September 1993

Video from Truk February 1992

Video from Belize March 1991

 Video from Truk-Palau March 1990

Video From Little Cayman Island November 1989

 Video from Yap and Pohnpei May 1989



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